“Doctors Diagnose but it’s the Medicine that cures! Make           NG Management Services the medicine for your business”

What we are not………it might seem strange to tell you what NG Management Services is not but it will help you understand what we are.

We are not about What we are about
Telling you what you should be doing
  • Real, practical help
  • Doing what you know needs to be done
Vague ideas & suggestions
  • Getting involved
  • Helping your business maximise profit
  • Delivering results
  • Agreeing beforehand what will be achieved and how we will know it has been done
Producing reports that gather dust on the shelf
  • Putting your own plans into action
  • Putting the tools in place to manage it
Turning your business upside down
  • Only changing what doesn’t work
  • Leaving you with straightforward systems that work for you and your staff

Delivering Results

Nuala Greenan pictured with ACCA award for achieving first in the world in the Dec 2010 Interpretation of Financial Statements exam, part of the ACCA Diploma in Financial Management

The ability of NG Management Services to deliver results is based on Nuala Greenan’s 16+ years of experience as a senior manager in multinationals and SMEs in Ireland and overseas. During that time Nuala has transformed organisations, developed new markets and delivered outstanding sales, turnover and profit results in both expanding and contracting markets. She has managed projects from multi-million overseas construction projects to systems implementation and business development. Now that experience can work in your business.

Nuala originally qualified as a Mechanical Engineer in UCD and has recently completed the ACCA Diploma in Financial Management.

Having held positions as Project Manager, Country Manager and Managing Director in a wide variety of organisations Nuala enjoys nothing more than solving problems and improving how businesses work.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it but if it’s not working, I’ll sort it out!” says Nuala Greenan

How Does It Work

Before starting a management services assignment Nuala will understand what needs to be done in your business. We will agree the time required and what results will be achieved (and how these will be measured) before work starts.

For a free, no obligation review of what you need done and what NG Management Services can do for you call Nuala Greenan on 087 1609600 or send us a mail


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