Event Planning for Business

What’s the single most important thing you need to plan a successful event? No, it’s not the venue, or the weather; it’s not even the people who turn up on the day. It’s knowing why you’re doing it and what you want to achieve. Every year businesses organise, host or attend all sorts of events. Whether it’s a trade exhibition, a customer seminar, an open day, a product launch or a social gathering the single most important thing you can do before you start planning this event is ask yourself these questions:

  • Why are you planning this event?
  • What you do want to achieve?
  • How will the event achieve that?
  • Who needs to be there?
  • When do you need to do it?

Don’t even think about looking for venues and issuing invitations unless you know exactly what you’re trying to achieve from a Business, Financial and PR perspective. So many people get caught up in the detail without knowing what it’s all for. What’s the point in spending €000’s on a product launch in a top class venue if your customers don’t know about it. Before you start think about…..

E - Establish what you want

V - Very important people

E – Everything to be done

N – Newsworthy

T – Timing


P – Progress

L – Location

A – All happens on the day

N – Next time round

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